The BBABC fundraises in an effort to provide support for the athletes and Bedford High School sport team requests that are for needs not met by the school's athletic budget.  Requests come from all teams' coaching staffs and working together with the Athletic Office and the High School Athletic Director.   To see a listing of what we have funded through the years, see the "About us" page.

Along with membership support, donations, apparel  and concession sales, we raise funds by team fundraising each season and our annual fundraiser.  Since a large percentage of team sales goes directly back to them to use at their discretion,  a team that is motivated to sell can raise significant money to offset team extras such as sportswear, coach clinics, team trips, team banquets or equipment on their "wish list".  Examples of team fundraising is through sales of raffle calendars, coupon books & discount coupon cards.

While the majority of the proceeds go directly back to the teams individual accounts, after the cost of the fundraiser, we set aside a small percentage (10%) to fund the pre-awards banquet that is held before each season's Athletic Awards Night.  We are happy to be able to fill this request of the Athletic Office and partner with them to provide event for the coaches, athletes and their parents each season.