Athletic Awards Night & Pre-Awards Banquet

The Bedford Boosters Athletic Booster Club partners with the BHS Athletic Office to sponsor 3  Athletic Awards Nights. 
 They are held on a Monday evening in the BHS theater at the culmination of the fall, winter and spring athletic seasons.

 It is a night for athletes and their families to celebrate the effort of each team as well as individual and team achievements.
BHS Athletic Director Bill Whitmore will provide an overview of the season, recognize the effort from all teams and all those who provide support for the BHS athletic program. 
Coaches from each team will  take a few minutes to provide highlights of their season, recognize individual accomplishments, and present 2 awards to members of their team:   
The Bulldog Award & The Sportsmanship Award
A slideshow featuring candids and highlights from the season of each team will wrap up the presentation. 
 Parents and athletes will then break out into designated areas to meet with their team coaches to receive certificates, Varsity letters and pins. 
2015 - 2016 dates are as follows, but subject to change based on the length of the sports season: 
                                                   November 23, 2015                     Fall Athletic Awards Night
                                                   March 21, 2016                            Winter Athletic Awards Night
                                                   June 13, 2016                              Spring Athletic Awards Night
 *Athletes sit in designated sections with their respective team members.
Awards Night will last approximately 2 hours. 

Pre-Awards Banquet
As a convenience for athletes and their parents, as well as a place for teams to meet up before Awards Night, 
we sponsor a Pre-Awards Banquet in the Commons. 
 It was something we gladly provide each season by request of the athletic office.  
It begins at 6:30*, a half hour before the start of the Athletic Awards Night. 
We realize the effort and dedication athletes and their families make throughout the season, so to make this night a little less hectic, 
we provide pizza, salad, drinks and dessert for coaches, athletes and their parents. 
Funding for this banquet is possible through funds generated from that season's team fundraiser that is sponsored by us.   While the majority of the proceeds go directly back to the teams individual accounts, after the cost of the fundraiser, we set aside a small percentage (10%) to fund this event.  We are happy to fulfill this request from the Athletic Office, partner with them and provide this event for the coaches, athletes and their parents.
*Due to year end final exams, Spring Athletic Awards Night time will have an earlier start time.

Each season, every member of the championship teams and coaches of the runner up teams receive a team plaque 
purchased by the Bedford Bulldogs Athletic Booster Club.  
Members of the BBABC board will be present at both the pre-awards banquet as well as stationed outside the theater to answer any questions.  

BBABC membership forms will be available to those interested in becoming a Booster Club member and supporting Bedford High School athletes.
Cash and checks will be accepted as forms of payment, online memberships with paypal option will be available.